• Private Lessons

    Each private lesson is 60 minutes long and is filled with valuable information. The curriculum will be based around our CORE BEHAVIOR exercises, with the first lesson being centered around motivation, management, and control.

    We understand some of our clients have reached out as they are desperate for immediate control. While dog training takes time condition properly and begin to have your dog think differently about situations, we have techniques that will give you an amazing boost in obedience in that first lesson 1. From then on, you will be taken through our system.

    During your private lessons you will learn the components of training necessary to attain your goals through our dedicated training exercises. The exercises condition behaviors, as well as give you the ability to constructively engage with your dog.

    Private lessons come included with our training packages or a single private lesson can be purchased below.

    Obedience Proofing and Socialization Classes

    Obedience proofing classes are held in Williamsburg. We offer these classes to reinforce the system you’ve implemented with your dog. It’s important to proof behaviors real world distractions. This allows each person to gauge their dog's level of training, and understand where adjustments need to be made. We offer the group classes weekly.

    Dog training is a lifestyle, not a moment in time!

    *All prices listed have sales tax factored in.