• Working a recall with a light distraction. I’m holding the camera kneeling down with rewards in my other hand, and the handler works the recall command. Your behaviors don’t mean much if you’re not PROOFING them!
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    Establishing sit/down and stay with a release command can help your dog learn the concept of self/impulse control. Skateboard, birds, squirrels, are all distractions you should proof your behaviors with. Overcome your obstacles with preparation!

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    Meet our current board and train dog, Arlo who is already showing progression 🐶

    Get your dog to a confident off leash level in 4 weeks with our proven system.

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    Training doesn’t need to be extremely difficult. Simple exercises for the handler and dog to bond through are key in puppy training and development.

    Here we have 7 month old Gizmo on his first session. He’ll be doing quite a bit of airline traveling this summer. So we’re teaching gizmo to hop inside of his carrier with ease.

    To do this we established a mark/release command(break). We then helped guide Gizmo into the carrier using leash and lure, marking with break immediately. Eventually we will perform his “carrier” command from further away without the leash.

    This is essentially the place command. Place commands can solve many of our basic behavioral issues at home!

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    When your dog is having difficult with training, be patient and either take it from the top, or try it again later. The true benefit of pet dog training comes from your🫵🏾 persistent approach in defining your leadership, not the result of the behavior.

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    This 10 month old German Shepherd has energy, but has no idea where to direct it. Do you play with you dog enough and offer and outlet for your dogs drive and energy? And I don’t mean the dog park🫵🏾

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    Gotta keep your dog active and moving moving!

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    Just having some fun with Dilla before group class

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    PLAY should be the foundation of your dog training. If you’re not playing with your dog, your dog will play you out!

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    @craig.fletcher working and one of his #afghanhound puppies in the middle of #soho. I post a lot of my clients training because THEY are their dogs dog trainer. Metro dog trainers are simply instructors that oversees the process.

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    REMINDER. It’s never too early or too late to train your dog.

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    Always remember a tired dog is a happy dog

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    Just because your dog is small does not mean you treat it any different from larger dogs. House breaking, kennel training, proper leash training are just as important for your small dog as it is for large dog. No excuse!

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    One of my favorite client cases last year was with Kippy and Gabriel. Gabriel was told by “top” NYC trainers to be put Kippy down because there was no hope to handle his aggression, well look at him now! We worked hard and consistent to change Kippy’s response to his environment through private lessons and consistent group classes. Make no mistake about it, this is a lifestyle management change and and it’s important to always be active and vigilant when working with reactive a dog, but it’s the life you choose when owning certain K9’s. Good job Kippy, and good job Gabriel for not giving up on your dog 👊🏾

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    Slowly incorporating E-collar training with our off leash engagement exercises with Tune. If you’re out right now with your dog while scrolling and watching this video, put your phone down and have some fun with them! Grab a ball, some beef jerkey, or whatever your dog is into and ENGAGE with them! Make sure you become part of the fun rather than a chaperone to the dog park.

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    Happy Birthday to my brother @kprecisionfloors !! Here’s a clip of a casual bike ride from this past summer. 🚲

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    When you go from your dog being so reactive that you weren’t able to take him to the pier or parks for months, to being able to calmly walk ANYWHERE within a week of training 👏🏾 Train your dogs people!

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