• My goal is to create a space for New Yorkers to maintain a healthy dog training lifestyle. The Metro Dog Training facility will serve as a place where dogs learn, have fun, socialize, and learn the behavioral components necessary to get them through any scenario. All the handler has to do is show up, be consistent, and enjoy the process of dog transformation! 👌🏾

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    We’re holding a grand opening sale this week! Our new training facility at 175 Powers st in Williamsburg Brooklyn is set to open next weekend. Take advantage of 25% off all training packages, including board and train. Let’s get this work!!

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    My eldest daughter is an animal lover ❤️

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    Going through videos archives and came across this. From circa 2015/2016 I believe! Shot this with my friend @josephhuba .
    Happy Birthday Dinero! 🎉 1️⃣2️⃣

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    I’ve been working with @onepeloton instructor @officialmarcelfit and her dog @6goddawg. I’m proud of the work they’ve done together in between private lessons, as that is the secret to a successful student! 5 months old and we’re dropping the leash with distractions present. Don’t procrastinate and get started early y’all…. It will pay dividends in the long run 💪🏾

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    I am excited to announce that Metro Dog Training is opening a facility May 1st!

    We are expanding our services to include:
    More Board and train options
    Group classes
    Puppy socialization classes
    Doggy daycare
    Dog walking

    Stay tuned for more information.

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    Whether your dog is 10 weeks, or 10 years. It’s important to have a working approach to managing your dog. The same way we feel more complete when we have a purpose or task, it is the same for your dog. If you have training goals for your older dog, fulfill their later years by working towards those goals. It will make BOTH of you much happier. Its not too late. #metrodogtraining #dogtraining #obedience

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    Jog with your dog. It enhances mental stimulation and reduces behavioral issues. The more pent up energy your dog has, the more they’ll get into! #metrodogtraining #dogtraining #stilltryingtolosethatcovid20

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    4 month old Dachshund ALREADY on a training program. Just because your Dachshund is small and cute does not mean you shouldn’t teach it basic behaviors and manners from a young age.

    * Heel your dog past other dogs rather than picking it up walk by.

    * Place command your dog when answering the door instead of picking it up while it barks.

    *Teach your dog to handle its over excitement or stress levels through your obedience system, rather than training it to scratch and jump at your legs in order to pick it up.

    * It’s possible to have a dog to cuddle with, AND be obedient when needed.

    It’s a myth that small dogs are badly behaved. The truth is they just get away with way more because they’re small.
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    If you want multiple dogs to get along under the same roof, make sure they are part of the same program and respect rules and boundaries. Establish a leadership roll for both dogs and allow them to feel confident with proper structure. Let’s not forget that love and engagement is a cornerstone to that structure. Use it and don’t lose it! #metrodogtraining #socialization #dogtraining

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    If you have multiple dogs, you’d better step your obedience game up! Your dogs should compliment your lifestyle, not hinder it. #metrodogtraining #dogtraining #obedience

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    Off leash loving life! It’s important to find places you’re safely able to take your dog off leash in the big city. If you’re lacking off leash ability in general, you need to fix that 👊🏾.
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    Working a recall with a light distraction. I’m holding the camera kneeling down with rewards in my other hand, and the handler works the recall command. Your behaviors don’t mean much if you’re not PROOFING them!
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    Establishing sit/down and stay with a release command can help your dog learn the concept of self/impulse control. Skateboard, birds, squirrels, are all distractions you should proof your behaviors with. Overcome your obstacles with preparation!

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    Meet our current board and train dog, Arlo who is already showing progression 🐶

    Get your dog to a confident off leash level in 4 weeks with our proven system.

    With the holiday season approaching, leave your dog with us as you travel and come back to a new K9! 👍🏾

    Click the link in our bio and visit our website for more information.

    Spaces are limited*


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    Training doesn’t need to be extremely difficult. Simple exercises for the handler and dog to bond through are key in puppy training and development.

    Here we have 7 month old Gizmo on his first session. He’ll be doing quite a bit of airline traveling this summer. So we’re teaching gizmo to hop inside of his carrier with ease.

    To do this we established a mark/release command(break). We then helped guide Gizmo into the carrier using leash and lure, marking with break immediately. Eventually we will perform his “carrier” command from further away without the leash.

    This is essentially the place command. Place commands can solve many of our basic behavioral issues at home!

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