Board and Train with Twahlee

  • Board and Train with Twahlee

    Have your K9 Spend 4 weeks living with Twahlee personally.

    Your dog will receive personalized one-on-one attention and care from Twahlee and his Metro team.
    Familiarize your dog to a family-like environment with structure.

    What will be worked on:

    • Implementation of our core obedience: Sit, down, stay, come, heel, place.
    • Crate training.
    • Protocols for guests entering home.
    • Begging at table.
    • Jumping on the couch.
    • Preventing Table Surfing.
    • Preventing unwanted jumping.
    • Heel and loose lead walking.
    • Off leash recall.
    • Confidence building.
    • Drive management and control.
    • Problem solving techniques.

    Board and Train Program Includes 4 Private Lessons:

    • 1 Drop off orientation lesson
    • 1 lesson visit/training session during boarding.
    • 1 drop off lesson. 1 follow up lesson 4 weeks post pickup.

    4 Group Lessons:

    • Slip Collar
    • Mini-educator E-collar – If Applicable
    • Prong Collar
    • Treat Pouch
    • Metro Dog Training Training Stool

    Have the peace of mind knowing your dog is in good hands and being taken through a rigorous yet purpose
    fulfilling training program that will reinforce confidence and clarity within your communication with
    your dog.


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